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I am currently in the process of editing my debut novel, Dark Minions. A dozen other novels have been outlined and will follow in various genres in the coming years. I look forward to entertaining all of you, dear readers…

Dark Minions

YA horror adventure kicks into high gear with the exploits of a teenage intern at a less-than-reputable newspaper as he teams up with a fearless reporter and her photographer brother to verify the incredible story of a rock ‘n’ roll vampire preparing to launch a deadly war against his young fans in Los Angeles. If true, the story must not be told… it must be stopped.

Short Fiction

After years of working in the screenplay format, it was a pleasure migrating to prose fiction and having some of my short stories find homes in the annual Los Angeles NaNo Anthologies.


Ninth Annual Los Angeles NaNo Anthology, published December 2022.

“Vagabonds” tells the humorous tale of a brother and sister searching for love and a new home following the great American mortgage meltdown.



Eighth Annual Los Angeles NaNo Anthology, published December 2021.

In “Snowbound,” a man discovers he has much to learn and live for while visiting his relatives at a family reunion.


Raspberry Cremes

Seventh Annual Los Angeles NaNo Anthology, published October 2020.

In “Raspberry Cremes,” a successful business executive struggles to overcome estrangement from his dying mother.


Birthday Greeting

Sixth Annual Los Angeles NaNo Anthology, published September 2019.

In “Birthday Greeting,” a blue-collar handyman tries to find his place among scientists while journeying to the stars.


Children's Books

Sponge Cake for Santa

“Sponge Cake for Santa” is my first foray into the world of picture books. The project is currently in the submission stage, so stay tuned for updates.


I worked for more than two decades in the film and television industry, serving variously as writer, producer, director, editor, and more. During that time, I wrote more than 20 screenplays for feature films, television programs, and short films. My years of experience in both writing and production made me attractive to producers and directors who engaged me to create or adapt projects in need of streamlined storytelling. Here are some highlights:

Produced Screenplays



In this mother-daughter supernatural drama, a teenage girl’s attempted suicide opens the door for possession by walk-in spirits seeking another chance at life.

IMDb  |  Trailer

A Pageant for the Ages


Grand Marshal William Shatner guides a nostalgic look at two of America’s
favorite New Year’s Day traditions: the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl game.

IMDb  |  Watch

Prey of the Jaguar

Co-Writer & Assistant Director

A retired government agent trains in martial arts and takes on the persona of a stealthy superhero to avenge the murders of his wife and young son.

IMDb  |  Purchase

The Great Year

Producer & Uncredited Writer

Narrated by James Earl Jones, this controversial documentary explores the possibility of our sun’s binary motion around a companion star. This great, unknown celestial cycle may have resulted in the repeated rises and falls of civilizations throughout history.

IMDb  |  Purchase

Making Michael

Co-Writer with Director Johnny West

In this feature documentary, Michael Jackson’s father Joseph gives viewers an exclusive look at controversial characters, intimate family secrets, and never-before-seen moments in Jackson family history, covering the rise of the Jackson 5 and Michael’s solo career that followed.



Writer (3 episodes)

This sci-fi fantasy television series was an American update of the popular Japanese superhero programs of the 1960s. Kenichi Kai transforms into a new Ultraman and joins his colleagues at WINR to defend the Earth from giant monsters and aliens.

IMDb  |  Watch Episode 5

Watch Episode 7  |  Watch Episode 10

the Embrace

Co-Writer with Director Rachel Gordon

This horror-thriller feature film explores the dark world of Los Angeles vampires and the impact of a blood-born virus that threatens one clan with mortality.


Army Dog

Associate Producer-Writer
(uncredited rewrite)

A brave Army dog returns to the U.S. and helps his heroic handler bond with his resentful daughter on a camping trip despite danger lurking everywhere.

IMDb  |  Trailer  |  Purchase

Life in the Spotlight


With the assistance of child celebrities, longtime talent agent and manager Susie Mains gives parents and hopeful child actors tips and tricks for breaking into showbiz in this feature how-to video.

Screenplays Under Option

Arcade warriors


This teen adventure was a page-1 rewrite of an existing script. Three kids cross into the video game world and must rely on all their skills and each other to survive.

Broken Dreams


Fallout from the 2008 subprime mortgage meltdown that affected thousands of investors and families is dramatized in this work-for-hire feature film.

Race to triumph

Co-Writer with Director Kevin Hudson

An injured high school athlete takes up the sport of triathlon to rehabilitate both mind and body in this inspirational feature film, which was written as a work-for-hire.


I come from a long family line of rhyming poets who write material for easy access by readers of all ages and backgrounds. I have been writing poetry for 40 years and continue to do so whenever the muse visits. You can read three of my personal favorites below or check out my Friendly Universe blog for occasional rhyming and non-rhyming poems on a wide variety of subjects.


More than 120 poems have been collected from the Datzman Family archives and assembled in this beautiful coffee table book. Poets include: Frank A. Datzman, Shirl Ferrari, Carola Johnson, Bud Datzman, Marcia E. Datzman, Jeanie Robertson, Lisa Poll, Bud Robertson, Randy Robertson and Jenny Robertson.



This second volume of Datzman family poetry features 93 poems by 10 authors. The odes, all written for or about loved ones and other memorable folks, cover a wide range of emotions. Beyond a simple collection of writing, this compendium also includes many historical photos of the family through the years.


Rush Hour

Rush Hour

This whimsical poem hit me one night while driving. A stark visual had captured my eye and spilled out in verse.

Stand for Freedom

Stand for Freedom

2020 was a tragic time for America, with riots tearing the country apart. This was my appeal to save our young republic.

King of the Free

King of the Free

Today is UNESCO's World Poetry Day. As a citizen of the world, I thought I'd share an inspiration I had while visiting Thailand.

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