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Stand for Freedom

2020 was a tragic time for America, with riots tearing the country apart. This was my appeal to save our young republic.

Impassioned Founding Fathers dreamed
Of living in a land
With basic human rights that seemed
A part of God’s great plan.
It started as a noble thought
Of such intensity,
They bravely left their homes and fought
For Life and Liberty.

When war was done and peace returned,
The Founders faced a test.
How could they take what they had learned
And govern all the rest?
The heavy-handed monarchy
Had kept them under thumb;
Now Rule of Law would be the key
For many years to come.

These visionaries made the call
That certain rights had been
Bestowed by God upon us all
And not by other men.
With stars and stripes, their flag unfurled
For everyone to see,
A symbol meant to show the world
That they were truly free.

But People now don’t know the past,
Or if they do, they’re told
That Principles weren’t meant to last
And New outweighs the Old.
And so the cleansing has begun;
We must erase each name.
True patriots? There can be none.
They bring us only shame.

Old Glory holds no honor now;
That’s what we’re told to feel.
The Anthem too, they tell us how
The thing to do is kneel.
Unless we stand, the dutiful,
Rejecting their demands,
America the Beautiful
Will slip right through our hands.

Today we sit here on the brink,
Our young Republic’s fate
In question now, about to sink.
I hope it’s not too late.
Don’t think it cannot happen here,
That Dark must lose to Light,
Defend this nation we hold dear;
She’s worthy of a fight!

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