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Rush Hour

This whimsical poem hit me one night while driving. A stark visual had captured my eye and spilled out in verse.

Two lanes of traffic, moving fast,
In synchronicity,
With everybody rushing past
On missions, urgently.

I sat amazed and watched as these
Commuters on parade
Kept frenzied pace, like one who sees
That progress must be made.

No traffic light or painted line
Was there to help the flow,
Yet thousands seemed to move just fine
And knew where they must go.

Just how could such activity
Transpire without delay?
I must admit it baffled me.
This couldn’t be L.A.!

The most astounding thing in town
Was how they moved, you see,
Not back and forth, but up and down,
Defying gravity.

I marveled at this complex dance
Unfolding on a tree.
This super highway made of ants
Was pure efficiency!

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