Stories that Uplift the Spirit and Broaden the Mind

As a lifelong storyteller, I'm happy to welcome you to my author website, where you'll find information about my writing, bits of news as it happens, and periodic posts in my two blogs. Friendly Universe is a creative fiction blog presenting a range of creative writing from serialized stories to flash fiction to poetry. Bud, Beth & Beyond is a travel blog that allows me to blend four of my passions: writing, photography, history, and travel with my wife. My goal is to share stories that uplift the spirit and broaden the mind. I hope my words inspire you.
The Ninth Annual NaNo Anthology of short fiction is now available in paperback and Kindle e-book on Amazon. Alien Gaze is a collection of 19 short stories in various genres, all told from an unexpected perspective. The anthology represents the best works submitted in competition by writers from around the world, and inclusion of my story "Vagabonds" marks the fourth year in a row that I've had a winning entry.
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Winds of Change

Winds of Change

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A Las Vegas Yankee in Amsterdam Court

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Sunset on the Ridge

Sunset on the Ridge

You never know when and where inspiration will strike. Even an iPhone photo delivered by email can wake up the muse.


Bud Robertson is a lifelong storyteller who survived 25 years in the movie business as a writer, producer, director, and assorted hyphenate. He has been responsible for project creation at every phase: script development, budgeting, scheduling, management of principal photography, editing, post-production, and final delivery to domestic studios and international distributors. He has worked for or delivered projects to many of Hollywood’s top companies: 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, Walt Disney, Lionsgate, New Line, ABC, CBS, AMC, PBS, and Lifetime.

His produced screenplays include Spectres, Prey of the Jaguar, The Great Year, A Pageant for the Ages, and several episodes of the Japanese superhero television series Ultraman. A number of other scripts remain mired in Development Hell. He was also a producer at GOAL Productions, where he managed the 100-year-old archive of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses. He produced more than 50 DVD bonus feature documentaries for the Hollywood studios as well as corporate projects for Fortune 500 companies like Boeing and Honda.

For the past decade, Bud has been an executive at Stream TV Networks and its Dutch R&D subsidiary, SeeCubic, which he managed as Chief Executive Officer. The company developed glasses-free 3D display technology for a global market. Oddly enough, serving as a technology executive finally afforded him the time for fiction writing beyond the screenplay format.

Bud has had several short stories published and is currently editing his debut novel. When not writing, he enjoys life with his awesome wife and two daughters in Lake Las Vegas.


Grateful American

Gary Sinise loves America and is helping those who fought (and fight) for our way of life. Thanks, Gary!


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